Game Detectives - Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Last updated: Sunday 29 July, 2018


Summary: These terms apply to everyone who use the website.

Please read the following carefully before using the website ( This site is operated by Game Detectives. All references to "us/we/our" henceforth refer to Game Detectives. All references to the "Service" refer to the website ( By using this website and/or holding a registered Game Detectives Account, you agree to these Terms of Use. These terms apply to all users without limitation.

1. Registration

Summary: You must be over 13, and you can only have one account.

Visitors to the website may register an account by authenticating via another service (henceforth refered to as a Social Provider). Registration is available to any visitor who

Users cannot hold more than 1 Game Detectives account at a time. When registering, data such as Usernames and User IDs are obtained from the Social Provider, in order to facilitate authentication. By choosing to create a Game Detectives account, you give us authorisation to store this data for a indefinite period of time in order to faciliate authentication, however you can retract this authorisation by terminating your account, detailed in section 2. As part of the registration process, your Game Detectives account is "linked" to the Social Provider. Once linked, that Social Provider account cannot be linked to another Game Detectives account, unless the current link is broken via Account Termination.

Users under the age of 16 may need to obtain consent from their parental guardians to use the Site. By agreeing to these terms, you signal that, if necessary, you have obtained this consent.

2. Termination

Summary: We can close accounts at any time, for any reason. You can request account closure by emailing us.

Game Detectives reserves the right to terminate access to the Service at any time, for any reason, at our sole discretion. You may terminate this agreement at any time by contacting contact(at)Game, clearly stating your intention to terminate this agreement. Upon account termination, you should cease using the Service immediately. If an account is terminated by your request, you may create a new Game Detectives account, however this signals a renewed agreement to these Terms of Service. If we exercise our right to terminate your access to our services, you may not create a new Game Detectives account without prior permission from an administrator.

3. Virtual Currencies and Rewards

Summary: All virtual currency provided on this site has no monetary value. We can choose to, or not to, award currency and other rewards at any time.

While using the Game Detectives services, one or more Virtual Currencies or Virtual Items may be introduced. These Virtual Currencies / Items have no monetary value, are non-transferable and may be adjusted at any time for any reason. Any items "purchased" or "earned" using Virtual Currency, or by any other method, unless otherwise stated, are not legally owned by You.

4. User Generated Content

Summary: When you submit content to us, you allow us to share it on the Site in accordance to privacy settings, until otherwise notified.

While using the Site, you may submit Content (henceforth referred to as UGC) to us, with the intention of it being shared with other users. When you do, you grant Us a indefinite, transferrable licence to use and reproduce the content you provide. You may revoke this licence by notifying Us, at which point we shall take reasonable steps to remove or replace the UGC. This licence is exclusively for the purpose of providing the Service. We may remove or modify UGC at any time, for any and no reason, although shall only do so in Good Faith.

5. Modification to these Terms of Service

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use, including our Privacy Policy. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms. We will strive to provide notice of any changes via suitable means.