Privacy Policy

Last updated: Sunday 29 July, 2018

The following policy applies to all users of the Website ( Through continued use of the Website, you agree to this policy, and to the limited storage of data you provide to us, detailed within. GameDetectives has no physical contact address. If you need to get in contact with us, please send a email to [email protected].


Our site uses cookies (small pieces of data stored on your device) in order to identify you, and provide advanced functionality on the site, including but not limited to:

By continuing to use the site, you agree that these cookies may be utilised to their full extent in order to provide the above.

Commercial Use

We will never use any of your data to serve adverts. We will never sell your data on to any third-party for compensation.

Google Analytics

We utilise Google Analytics in order to obtain an insight on how users, like you, use our site, so we can make it even better! In order to do so, Google Analytics collects anonymous data from users of many sites. This data can include:

If you wish to opt-out of this tracking, a browser addon is available from Google to do so. Authenticated users may also opt out by accessing their privacy settings.

Sentry Error Tracking

We utilise Sentry error tracking in order to alert us when issues occur, and make it simpler to solve them. In order to do so, if an error occurs while you are using the site, the server will send information about the error which occured to Sentry, a third-party service. All efforts are made to ensure this data does not contain any identifying information, such as User ID or a Username. By using the site, you consent to this error tracking.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Sometimes, changes may be needed to keep this document up to date and relevant. In these cases, we shall update this policy, and strive to notify all users of the changes which have occured.