Game Detectives Academy

Alternate reality games often rely on the players having a degree of technical knowledge. The Game Detectives Academy is a free, interactive way to learn some of the concepts that frequently appear in ARGs. Each course in the Academy focuses on a different concept, and more courses are being added over time. All the courses are fairly short, and they reward you with a badge on your profile once completed!

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Basic Ciphers

Learn the very basics of cipher decoding, including the Caesar cipher.

Basic Computing

Learn the basics of the inner workings of computers, along with some math.

Basic Webdev

Learn some basic clue-finding methods to use on ARG websites.

Boolean Operations

Learn about Boolean operations, including the XOR cipher.

Basic Audio

Learn about audio files, and ways to interpret sounds.

Vigenere Ciphers

Learn the Vigenere cipher, along with some of its variants.

Basic Steganography

Learn how to discover and read concealed messages.

Image Steganography

Learn how to uncover messages hidden in image files.



Game Detectives Academy

Ready for a tougher challenge, detective? Each of these Cases consists of a series of puzzles within a larger framework. Puzzles in the Cases may tell a broader story, or may be grouped by a common theme. Unlike the courses in the Academy, Cases are not tutorials. You'll need to rely on your wits and puzzle-solving abilities to solve them!


Unravel the secrets behind a puzzling artifact.

In Absentia

Discover the truth behind a fellow agent's disappearance.